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Dry Rot & Woodworm

The Kingfisher wood care range includes a variety of timer preservation products and treatments for all kinds of common problems. Our woodworm and dry rot wood treatments are trade quality, offering insecticide and fungicidal action for great prices. These quality products are ideal for any course of treatment for wood, providing long term wood care.

Dry rot is a decaying fungus that often causes extensive damage. There are several different forms of dry rot all with slightly different characteristics, however they all require that the timber be damp - ie, floor joist ends, wall plates etc. Dry rot is capable of growing through bricks and mortar and so to help prevent this we have created our own wood care Fungicidal Wall Solution (KF-18). Fungal strands (mycelium) if not treated can transport moisture from damp areas allowing the spread of the fungus to dry wood in unventilated conditions.

Woodworm is a generic term for the larvae of wood boring insects that hatch in the summer months. It is the larvae that feed on the cellulose within the timber / wood in your house and that can cause significant damage to the timber structures. Our KF-8 Insecticide is an ideal treatment for wood which is affected by boring insects such as woodworm.

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